20 Funniest Quotes From Letterkenny (2024)


  • The cult Canadian series Letterkenny, known for its hilarious quotes and insults, has found an international audience on Hulu.
  • The funniest quotes from Letterkenny highlight the different personalities in the small town, making it a fun place to return to again and again.
  • Wayne, the main character, delivers sharp verbal takedowns and hysterical insults, showcasing the unique writing style of the show.

While fans had to bid farewell to the cult Canadian series in 2023, the funniest Letterkenny quotes will continue to live on. Set in the titular town in Ontario, Canada, Letterkenny follows Wayne (Jared Keeso), a country boy, and the various colorful characters in his community. Endlessly quotable, Letterkenny found its audiences with a quick pace and the rapid-fire delivery of its talented cast. The show hurls insults faster and more brutally than just about any other, meaning that there are plenty of hilarious Letterkenny quotes from the show that highlight its unique writing style.

The small Canadian show came from humble beginnings and proved to be a surprise hit, finding an international audience on Hulu. Letterkenny came to an end after season 12 while never letting up on its penchant for endless one-liners, quirky sayings, and sharp verbal takedowns. The funniest quotes from the show highlight the different personalities that exist in this small town which made it such a fun place to return to again and again.


10 Things Fans Didn't Know About Letterkenny

Though the Canadian sitcom is beloved by fans, there are still a few things about Letterkenny that even the most avid viewers don't know.

20 "The Stupidest Thing I Ever Heard In My Life Is That A Baby Is Smart."


20 Funniest Quotes From Letterkenny (2)

While Wayne and the other Letterkenny characters are often busy "chorin'" they certainly still make time for a lot of immature conversations. They often get worked up and dive into silly topics, but Wayne's strong feelings about intelligent babies (or lack thereof) are particularly memorable. Wayne remarks on how stupid he thinks the idea of a smart baby could be, questioning the intelligence of any grown adult who makes the suggestion that a baby can in any way be smart.

He supports his argument with well-thought-out examples and acted-out scenarios. These examples are hilarious, but even without them this Letterkenny quote is funny simply because Wayne takes such issue with someone complimenting an infant. The moment is made even more memorable in seeing Wayne, a usually stoic man, acting out different scenarios as a baby and showing how much they obviously make fools of themselves.

19 "That's When You Leave But You Only Say Goodbye To The Cat."


20 Funniest Quotes From Letterkenny (3)

The community of Letterkenny often knows how to come together for a good time even if all of the citizens don't necessarily get along. However, there are still situations where Wayne and the others would rather have a quick exit plan. Such is the case when they are invited to a hot tub party at the McMurrays' and quickly become uncomfortable. This leads to Wayne, Katy, and Daryl debating what type of exit they should make.

Starting with the "Irish goodbye" which is simply leaving without telling anyone, they go through many options with the "Tokyo sayonara" being the funniest and clearly the one for cat lovers. It is a hilariously random quote that comes from a clever comedy bit on the series. Awkward social situations have always been a hallmark of sitcoms and this in-depth examination of different methods of leaving a party early sounds like something that would be heard on a Seinfeld episode but with a Letterkenny twist.

18 "Nobody Speaks Celine Dion's Name In A Hostile Tone."


20 Funniest Quotes From Letterkenny (4)

Letterkenny is a great international comedy series that shows the many sides of Canada. There are occasionally some clashes of cultures in the show, despite the Canadian reputation for being friendly and welcoming. This is particularly the case when Wayne and the Letterkenny boys come upon some doppelgängers from Quebec. They quickly take umbrage at having to camp next to the Francophones.

While the language barrier prevents the Quebecers from understanding them, they still take offense to how Celine Dion's name was used in a hostile way. It is a perfect quote for highlighting the different cultures in Canada, something that Letterkenny loves to do. Jean-Carl's words are a celebration of the things that make the country special while also being a very relatable look at how some areas of the nation hold certain things more dearly than others.

17 "You Are F***Ing Up, Bud."


20 Funniest Quotes From Letterkenny (5)

As great of friends as Wayne and Daryl are, they often find themselves disagreeing on matters. Once again, the subjects of these disagreements are often hard to take seriously. For instance one of the best Letterkenny episodes features a disagreement about how to properly cook a steak, the pals quickly butt heads. It is hilarious how seriously each man takes his own approach and how certain they are that theirs is the only true method. When Daryl suggests cooking it without salt and pepper, Wayne doesn't hold back his disappointment.

The quote itself stands as one of the best examples of how Wayne is always there to put his friends in their place when needed. At times like this, he sounds like a harsh father figure more than a friend. It is also a hilariously relatable scenario with friends turning a supposedly relaxing barbecue with good food into a battle of cooking styles.


10 Things That Make No Sense About Letterkenny

Letterkenny is a hilarious look at life in a small Canadian town, but there are some things about the show that don't make a lot of sense.

16 "Well, It's A Terrific Opportunity."


20 Funniest Quotes From Letterkenny (7)

Stewart is not Wayne's favorite member of the Letterkenny community, which makes it all the funnier when he finds himself in an awkward situation with the "degen." While picking stones in the field, Wayne unburdens himself to his friends that he caught a glimpse of Stewart when he was naked. Almost immediately, his friends ask for an assessment of Stewart's physique and Wayne has to admit he was impressed. Despite the dislike he has for Stewart, Wayne's happiness for him is hilarious, as if he is describing someone getting a promotion at work.

Part of what makes Letterkenny so much fun is how it takes typical sitcom situations and adds their own twist to them. The idea of someone accidentally seeing another character naked has been seen on countless sitcoms, like the "shrinkage" episode of Seinfeld and when Joey walked in on Rachel on Friends. Letterkenny takes that idea and turns it into something unexpected with the characters simply being happy for Stewart.

15 "Your Sister’s Hot, Wayne! There I Said It! I Said It! I Regret Nothing! I Regret Nothing!"

Squirrely Dan

20 Funniest Quotes From Letterkenny (8)

Letterkenny's Squirrely Dan is a friend of Wayne and Daryl's who also has a crush on Wayne's sister Katy, though he is frequently warned away from acting or commenting on it by Wayne, who is the toughest guy in Letterkenny. It is a running gag throughout the show that Dan makes small, polite comments to Katy only to get called out by both Katy and Wayne for what he truly means. However, Squirrely Dan decided to air his thoughts on Katy to Wayne once.

The moment is memorable enough for how it plays on a running gag in the series and offers a surprise. However, it is made even funnier when Dan decides to take off after saying this, continuing to yell his stance over his shoulder as he runs away from Wayne. Seeing Wayne not react at all as Dan gets only a few paces before getting winded adds to the hilarity.

14 "Call Me A Cake, ‘Cause I’ll Go Straight To Your A**, Cowboy!"


20 Funniest Quotes From Letterkenny (9)

While Dan can get called out for his creepy comments at times, he is nowhere near as bad or as blatant as Gail. Gail, the original bartender of Letterkenny's local bar, Modeans, has a shameless crush on Wayne and a possibly unhealthy addiction to sex that results in a number of hilarious but also uncomfortable quotes that can be shocking to hear. One of her milder but still hilarious quotes was one of her many attempts to entice Wayne into a sexual relationship with her by comparing herself to a fattening piece of cake.

Sadly for Gail, Wayne never succumbed to her not-so-subtle advances, but that never seems to deter her in the slightest. It is a funny play on words that highlights some of the clever writing of the series while also giving this standout supporting character one of the biggest laughs of her time on the series.

13 "Vomit On Your Mom’s Spaghetti, Or Whatever That Talking Singer Says."


20 Funniest Quotes From Letterkenny (10)

While Letterkenny spends the most time with the "hicks" and the "skids" that populate the town, the series also focuses on hockey players, driving home the sport's importance in many Canadian communities. As much as there is respect for hockey in the series, the clique is another dysfunctional group of characters both on the ice and calling the shots from the bench. The unnamed Coach of the teams that Reilly and Jonesy play for has a particular way with words, which he is usually screaming at the top of his lungs while kicking a garbage can.

He also occasionally tries to work in popular songs and sayings, like when he tried to work lyrics from Eminem's "Lose Yourself" into a pep talk for his team. It is a hilarious take on the stereotypical motivational speech from countless sports movies with a coach trying to communicate with his playerson their level. However, not only are Coach's references hilariously outdated, but he doesn't even care enough to actually get it right or make sense.


Letterkenny: The Main Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

The real brilliance of the Letterkenny comes from the different personalities of the main and side characters. Here's how they compare in smarts.

12 "Jonesy, Your Life Is So Pathetic I Get A Charity Tax Break Just By Hanging Around You!"


20 Funniest Quotes From Letterkenny (12)

While Jonesy and Reilly can dish out insults to hicks, skids, and hockey players alike, they met their match when they first encountered the unseen hockey player Shoresy on the older hockey team. While Jared Keeso is front and center playing Shoresy in his own sitcom spinoff now, the actor and creator of the show also provided the voice of the irritating but hugely entertaining character on Letterkenny.

While Shoresy's talents on the ice are seen in his own show, while on Letterkenny, he really only cares about making life miserable for Jonesy and Reilly, whether they are on his team or not. During a vocal faceoff between Shoresy and Jonesy, the younger hockey player was put in his place by Shoresy who managed to tear down his life with a few quick words that highlighted the quick-witted insults the show became known for over the years.

11 "I'd Say Give Yer B***s A Tug, But It Looks Like Your Pants Are Doing That For You."


20 Funniest Quotes From Letterkenny (13)

Another group in Letterkenny that gets picked on a lot is the so-called "degens" who spend their time doing drugs and actively trying to set themselves apart from the rest of the community. Stewart, the leader of the group, takes a firm stance against conforming, acting as if he doesn't care what anyone thinks. However, that is truly put to the test when Wayne targets him for his attire.

Wayne is a pretty old-fashioned kind of country boy. He prides himself on being tough and hard-working and won't put up with people who are anything less. He is quick to call out anyone he perceives as weaker than him. One of his favorite insults is to tell people "give yer b***s a tug" but when he sees Stewart standing in front of him wearing a pair of skinny jeans, Wayne is forced to change the insult slightly.

10 "You're F****** Ten-Ply, Bud."


20 Funniest Quotes From Letterkenny (14)

Letterkenny is filled with inventive and hilarious insults that are thrown around by the characters, going back to the show's humble beginnings on YouTube. However, sometimes a war of words isn't enough, which inevitably leads to some of the most epic Letterkenny fights. When Wayne gets challenged to a fight by someone who thinks he is the new toughest guy in town, Wayne doesn't back down. He makes short work of the man before calling him "ten-ply."

It is clear with an insult like this that Wayne puts as much effort and care into his burns as he does with his chores. With his rural life in the harsh Canadian climate demanding a lot of its people, Wayne has no tolerance or sympathy for people who are soft. If three-ply toilet paper is seen as delicately soft, then Wayne referring to another man as ten-ply shows the absolute lack of respect he has for him.

9 "If You Got A Problem With Canada Gooses, You Got A Problem With Me And I Suggest You Let That One Marinate."


20 Funniest Quotes From Letterkenny (15)

Wayne and his friends have a lot of principles they are willing to stand up for and, of course, fight for. However, nothing seems to get them as worked up as when someone threatens a Canadian symbol as important as the Canada Goose. When the gang hears that the golf course is looking for ways of getting rid of the geese in the area, everyone takes dramatic offense to the idea. Wayne gets particularly defensive in standing up for them, adding the hilarious "and I suggest you let that one marinate" to each threat.

Wayne is a man who does not give idle threats and whose toughness makes it clear anyone will want to think twice about fighting him. He is a gentleman, so he likes to give these people time to reconsider their stances before he takes action but the aggressive way he says "marinate" is a further warning about how fired up he is about this.


Why Letterkenny Never Showed Shoresy's Face

Throughout Letterkenny, Shoresy's face remained a complete mystery. Here's why the character was never fully revealed throughout the show.

8 "I See The Muscle Shirt Came Today. Muscles Coming Tomorrow?"


20 Funniest Quotes From Letterkenny (17)

If there is one character in Letterkenny, who seems like the polar opposite of Wayne, it is the skinny young "degen" Stewart. The two operate in different worlds and neither man likes what the other stands for. If there is one aspect of Stewart that Wayne might respect it is the fact that he does not back down. However, Wayne doesn't show any sympathy or mercy in that regard.

Whenever these two come face-to-face, Stewart tries to stand up to Wayne but then proceeds to be torn apart by insults. After Stewart calls Wayne and his friends "shirt-tuckers", they calmly and relentlessly let him have it. The best insult is when Wayne simultaneously makes fun of Stewart's outfit and scrawny appearance. It is hilarious that Stewart's bold attempt at keeping some of his dignity ignites such a torrent of insults as if Wayne was just patiently waiting for Stewart to give him an excuse.

7 "Wish You Weren't So F****** Awkward Bud."


Wayne and Daryl are best buddies who seem to spend all of their time together in Letterkenny. They make for one of the great television best friend duos with both men enjoying the simple things in life and not being shy about a little hard work. However, that doesn't mean they always see eye-to-eye. Wayne is a very serious kind of guy while Daryl can sometimes embrace his childish side more often.

As the friends are hanging out by the produce stand as they always do, Daryl spots a four-leaf clover. Excitedly, he tells the others to make a wish. Without even looking at him, Wayne just laments his buddy's awkwardness. It is a memorable quote that suggests that there are perhaps no people in the world that Wayne isn't at least a little disappointed by. Even his best friend having a momentary moment of glee is too much for Wayne to bear.

6 "I Could Watch Kids Fall Off Bikes All Day."


20 Funniest Quotes From Letterkenny (18)

Letterkenny is quite impressive with how they use language in their comedy, but as sharp and witty as the writing is at times, they are also not above going for the most juvenile humor possible. Wayne might take the world around him more seriously than he needs to but that doesn't mean there aren't some very specific things that he finds funny.

One episode is dedicated solely to how hilarious farting is. Even Wayne, the toughest guy in Letterkenny, admits there are few things in life as funny as farting — except kids falling off of bikes. He admits he could watch that kind of stuff all day before adding "I don't give a s*** about your kid." Wayne having such a specific sense of humor is a hilarious insight into the man and there is something even funnier about the mental image of him laughing at a kid whose just fallen off their bike.

5 "Figure It Out."


20 Funniest Quotes From Letterkenny (19)

Fans are unlikely to find any show that is more proudly Canadian than Letterkenny. The series goes out of its way to highlight the many things that make the Great White North such a special place to live and why the characters think it is superior to any other place on Earth. In one scene, the characters begin pointing out all of the great Canadian things Americans don't have. The idea that Americans don't have malt vinegar as a table condiment or sell ketchup chips just leaves them disappointed.

They just shake their heads and say "Figure it out." It is a uniquely Canadian moment that the people of the country can be proud of. Canada is usually seen to be in the shadow of America in terms of culture, but this discussion among the friends charmingly points out all of the things that America hasn't "figured out" and how behind they are on things.


Letterkenny: The Main Characters, Ranked By Likability

Canadian sitcom Letterkenny has seen a spike in popularity. Fans either love the citizens of this titular small Ontario town... or love to hate them.

4 "Your Mom Just Liked My Instagram Post From Two Years Ago In Puerta Vallarta."


20 Funniest Quotes From Letterkenny (21)

The entirety of Letterkenny is mostly a setup for the characters to roast one another with insults or "chirps", and no one is a more vicious chirper than Shoresy. Like Wayne, he seems to have a collection of painful digs at the ready, just hoping one of his targets steps up to take the bait and he can unleash his brutal assault on them. The vulgar hockey player takes particular pleasure in chirping Reilly and Jonesy about their mothers and they always take the bait.

His insults are so outlandish and ridiculous, yet extremely biting. He really hits a nerve when he insinuates their mother has been taking an interest in his Instagram posts. It is such a specific insult with detail that makes it all the more embarrassing for the young hockey players. While Shoresy explores hockey and the love of the game at the center of the spinoff series, the titular character's penchant for mean-spirited jabs is also well-represented.

3 "Sing Us A Song Or Something. Do A Trick. You're F****** Useless."


20 Funniest Quotes From Letterkenny (22)

The insults in Letterkenny come so fast and furious that the target of them barely has time to react before they are hit with another one. Wayne is particularly skilled at this kind of rapid-fire barrage of insults that make for some of the funniest moments in the show. As the hockey players come to visit the produce stand, Wayne unleashes on them. He degrades them and humiliates them before totally dismissing them as useless and all they can do is just stand there stunned.

This insult is particularly memorable as it suggests the boys serve no purpose and might as well perform tricks like a pet since they have no other conceivable function. The fact that the hockey players are standing there not knowing what to do as Wayne is calling them out for being so useless drains these once-arrogant young men of all of their pride.

2 "It's Like Algebra. Why You Gotta Put Numbers And Letters Together? Why Can't You Just Go F*** Yourself?"


20 Funniest Quotes From Letterkenny (23)

Wayne likes to keep things as simple as possible in every avenue of his life. He also has very little patience for people who try to complicate things. This can make him a bit harsh with his opinions at times on Letterkenny and he is known to have a short temper when it comes to things that annoy him. However, that is part of the fun of the character as he can go from seemingly laidback to angrily annoyed in the middle of a conversation.

When Wayne and his friends develop a social networking platform for farts, the idea catches on quickly and everyone wants to give their input. When the goth kids try to add their opinions, Wayne says they are over-complicating things and offers his own insulting solution. It is a wonderful delivery of the line as it seems as though Wayne might offer a more helpful and easier method only to show that his annoyance leaves no room for helpfulness.

1 "Pitter-Patter."


20 Funniest Quotes From Letterkenny (24)

While there are a number of seemingly common yet previously little-known Letterkenny slang phrases that are introduced by the main characters, there are also some classic lines that they've made their own over the years. They have become some of the best running jokes in Letterkenny. "Pitter-patter, let's get at 'er" is Wayne and his crew's all-too-perfect way to say that there's no time to waste when a job comes up, and it's heard frequently across the series when their plans ultimately come together.

The line has become something of a tagline for the show and speaks to the Letterkenny spirit. Wayne and his friends have a lot of fun and are very humorous characters, but they do so within their worldview of keeping things simple, getting the work done, and not putting up with anyone slacking. It is one of the quotes that shows why Letterkenny has charmed so many people.

20 Funniest Quotes From Letterkenny (25)



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Letterkenny is a comedy series that was conceptualized as a YouTube show before later being picked up for television. Set in rural Ontario, Letterkenny follows two siblings who run a family farm but deals with several various quirky characters' lives that range from Mennonites, hockey players, and gym fanatics in increasingly comical situations.

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20 Funniest Quotes From Letterkenny (2024)
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