How to Style a T-shirt Dress (2023 Ideas) (2024)

T-shirt dresses are exactly what they sound like: a classic tee that’s long enough to serve as a dress. The women we spoke with said that a T-shirt dress is one of their favorite ways to get comfy while also pulling off a polished feminine look.

Let’s dive in and explore some fun and functional T-shirt dress outfit ideas!

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Casual T-Shirt Dress Styling

This casual dress was born to be the perfect casual style. While we love our jeans and tees, sometimes quickly pulling on a T-shirt dress and heading out the door is an easy option.

The Little Black (T-Shirt) Dress

One of the first things you need for your capsule wardrobe is a black T-shirt dress. Adding other solid-colored tee dresses to your collection is a great idea, too. You can wear this wardrobe basic with almost anything, and it won’t let you down.

  • Style your little black T-shirt dress with an oversized belt bag, a scarf, and comfortable sandals, and you’re ready to take a trip across town or across the country.
  • For a more casual look (or a bad hair day!), pull on a baseball cap, some dad sandals, a denim jacket, and a crossbody bag. This great outfit is ideal for traveling or going to a baseball game.
  • To dress up your solid-colored T-shirt dress, switch out the ball cap and denim jacket for bold accessories with a matching clutch and heels. This look works great for a dinner date.
  • For a cool-weather look, pair your T-shirt dress with an oversized sweatshirt, loafers, and ankle socks. You can also carry this look with a trench coat, tights, and tall boots.
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Striped or Printed T-Shirt Dresses

When it comes to eternal style that works for every age group, stripes are your best friend. Best of all, they work for all sorts of occasions and in most seasons.

  • Bring on the summer with sandals, a vintage bag, and a big straw hat.
  • Add pops of color that coordinate well with your striped T-shirt dress. The secret is to choose just one bold color, such as dark orange, with a striped black and white T-shirt dress. Add chunky jewelry, along with a coordinated bag and sandals in the same color.
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Dressing Up a T-Shirt Dress

Can you wear a T-shirt dress for occasions that call for a slightly dressier style? Of course! Obviously, a T-shirt dress isn’t the best choice for a formal event, but you can totally pull off a T-shirt dress for work or a casual evening out on the town. Follow these tips for dressing up a T-shirt dress.

  • Cardigans or blazers: Layering double-breasted blazers or cardigans over your T-shirt dress will give you a look that’s more polished. This look is great with a striped T-shirt dress, too.
  • Dressier shoes: Unless you have a casual workplace, you probably can’t wear flip-flops or sneakers with your T-shirt dress. Instead, opt for dressy slides, mules, booties, or sandals.
  • Handbags: When you carry a structured handbag in a classic shape, your outfit will have instant polish.
  • Accessories: For even more finesse and polish, add a belt to your look. Your bracelet, necklace, and earrings will also dictate how professional your T-shirt dress is for work.
  • Boots and tights: A T-shirt dress with boots and tights isn’t the best boardroom attire, but for a workplace that doesn’t dictate business suits, you can wear a comfy T-shirt dress with your favorite knee-length boots and a pair of comfy tights.
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How to Choose the Best T-Shirt Dress for Your Body Type

Every woman’s body is different, but the beauty of T-shirt dresses is that, regardless of your body type, there’s a dress that will work well for you. T-shirt dresses can be short and long and somewhere in between. Petite women look great in shorter T-shirt dresses, while long women benefit from longer dresses.

A woman with a slim body type looks great in a T-shirt dress that accentuates their waistline. Curvier bodies are perfect for straight T-shirt dresses.

In terms of sleeves, you can find T-shirt dresses with short sleeves, long sleeves, and 3/4-length sleeves. You can even wear sleeveless T-shirt dresses on hot summer days.

What to Wear Underneath a T-Shirt Dress

T-shirt dresses are made of lightweight fabric, so if you’re wearing a lighter-colored t-shirt dress, be sure to opt for skin-colored or nude underwear that won’t show through.

On a balmy spring day, you can still enjoy wearing your T-shirt dress. Pull on your favorite tights and some boots during the colder time of year for a fun look that’s super comfortable.

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Pro tip: If you carry extra weight around your thighs and chaffing is a problem, try wearing longer-length underwear made of organic cotton. This underwear looks similar to a pair of biker shorts, and they come down to mid-thigh or a couple of inches above the knees. Think Spanx, but these slipshorts aren’t uncomfortably tight like body shapers.

One popular brand is Jockey Skimmies Slipshorts. Amazon shoppers can also find these and similar slipshorts on Amazon, and many of them have five-star ratings. The bonus is that long underwear is also seamless, so even if you don’t experience chaffing, slipshorts are a great option for achieving a smooth look.

Final Thoughts: T-Shirt Dresses Are Here to Stay

As far as comfortable outfits go, T-shirt dresses are a closet staple and can be one of your go-to pieces for a variety of different occasions. Today’s woman craves function and comfort, whether dressing for the office or a casual day running errands. Because there are so many different ways to wear this look, it was destined to become a perennial favorite.

Long gone are the days when women are willing to wear tortuous clothing in the name of fashion. Trends in dressing a T-shirt dress up and down, T-shirt dress lengths, and different styles can vary over time, but it doesn’t look like comfy T-shirt dresses are going away anytime soon.

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How to Style a T-shirt Dress (2023 Ideas) (2024)
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