Nfr Injury Report (2024)

1. ProRodeo Update: Injury Report - The Cowboy Channel

  • As the rodeo season has picked back up, so have the number of injuries. In just the past few weeks, these five cowboys have been sidelined: ...

  • As the rodeo season has picked back up, so have the number of injuries.

2. Rodeo Injury Update: Tim O'Connell and Chase Brooks in recovery

  • 21 jan 2024 · O'Connell placed second in Round 9 at the 2023 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo with his 86.5-point ride on Hi Lo Pro Rodeo's Square Bale on Dec.

  • Explore the latest on rodeo injuries with updates on three-time PRCA World Champion Bareback Rider Tim O'Connell recovering from a left groin tear and saddle bronc rider Chase Brooks dealing with a left hamstring strain. From O'Connell's successful surgery to Brooks' rehab journey, follow their resilience and determination in overcoming setbacks. Stay informed with the #RodeoInjuryUpdate as these athletes aim for a triumphant return to the arena.

3. Injury Report - Week 5 - Montreal Alouettes

4. PRCA Gives Updates on Athletes Injured During 2022 NFR

  • 11 jan 2023 · 2022 was no different. The PRCA released an update on several cowboys who were injured during the Finals. Bull Rider Reid Oftedahl was injured ...

  • The NFR is one of the most grueling stretches in any sport and often times there are a handful of athletes who leave with injuries. 2022 was no different.

5. Injured NFR Bull Rider Reid Oftedahl on the Road to Recovery - News

  • 10 jun 2023 · Just six months ago, bull rider Reid Oftedahl lay in a hospital trauma center in Las Vegas, his first trip to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo ...

  • By: Tanner Barth Just six months ago, bull rider Reid Oftedahl lay in a hospital trauma center in Las Vegas, his first trip to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo cut short after a Round 2 wreck. He would spend 13 days at University Medical Center in Vegas then just more than three months in rehabilitation centers in Arizona. Oftedahl finally returned to his home in Raymond, Minn., at the beginning of April. In the latest edition of the PSN, we spoke to Oftedahl about his recovery. Also, in the June 9, 2023, edition of the ProRodeo Sports News: * Kaycee Field continues his Darby, Mont. dominance * Sage Newman strikes paydirt at Palmer, Alaska Xtreme Broncs * Taylen Nelson returns to the arena after serious injury * The sights of the ProRodeo Trail * Latest PRCA Business Journal * Past editions of ProRodeo Sports News Courtesy of PRCA

6. Bull Rider Ky Hamilton's Concussion and Shoulder Injury Took Him Out ...

  • 31 jan 2024 · The Gist: Bull rider Ky Hamilton hit his head on a bull during round 5 of the Wrangler NFR in December 2023. He was knocked out and suffered ...

  • Pro bull rider Ky Hamilton is taking a break from riding after suffering a concussion in December 2023, and a dislocated shoulder in January 2024.

7. Stetson Wright to miss rest of 2023 NFR with injury | Sports | Rodeo

  • 11 dec 2023 · Stetson Wright won his fifth all-around world championship despite missing most of the National Finals Rodeo with a hamstring injury. Here are ...

  • Stetson Wright, the four-time defending all-around champion, will miss the rest of the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas because of a lingering injury.

8. No Scores For Stetson Wright at NFR Doesn't Change Mentality

  • 9 dec 2023 · Wright has been dealing with an injury to his leg that may be holding him back, but that won't keep him from enjoying the best parts about NFR ...

  • The circ*mstances may have changed before the 2023 NFR, but that hasn't changed the mentality of how Stetson Wright plans to go about the largest event of the year.

9. Media Center « Justin Sports Medical Team

  • Kelly Timberman talks about coming back, keeping positive and podcasting and Rick Foster tells us about Justin Sports Medicine. Major Injuries In Rodeo *Coming ...

10. Injury Report | Las Vegas Raiders

  • Official Las Vegas Raiders Injury Report: The official source of player injury updates.

  • The Las Vegas Raiders injury report will be available in Fall 2024.

Nfr Injury Report (2024)
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